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DAS: Are women the fairest of them all?

Ok I’ll admit it … I spend a lot of my time thinking about the way I look. You might not think it to look at me but I carefully craft myself into the image I want you all to see. This can mean purposely not wearing make-up or not brushing my hair. Turning up to work with wet hair or in a baggy band t-shirt. This is me saying I’m a rebel, I’m not conforming. But on other days I’ll rock up to your party full “Barbie” because sometimes it feels nice to conform. Everyday I’m looking to convey something about me. I’m never just me. I don’t even know what I’d look like without outside influence.

And thus lies my problem, constantly thinking and over analysing my appearance.

And I’m not alone. Women are taught to groom themselves from a young age. Rituals are passed down from mothers, aunties and older sisters. From morning make-up routines, leg waxes to what clothes we wear is engrained into us from a young age. This month on the DAS podcast we talk female beauty and all the things we do to our appearance to make ourselves seem more appealing.  Who are we getting dressed up for?

Mirror mirror on the wall, are women the fairest of them all? Or do we just spend much more time trying to be?

Joining me and Ruby this month is make-up artist Sukhy Bhandal.

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