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It’s Not Cool Being Cool

School was awkward wasn’t it?

You didn’t fit in

But no one fitted in

Go and find yourself


Wipe the board clean

You’re good looking now

The age of an adult

Fresh, brand new


You’ve read the book from front to back

Always knew how to pass

Copying with precision the steps you must take

To be those you so admire(d)


Join a scene, musical, political …

One that the rest from before won’t understand

Piss them all off



A haze of weed falls upon you

Drugs are cool?

Alcohol is one big game

If you laugh the loudest no one will know you’re lonely


You sleep with strangers

You sleep with your friends

Doesn’t having sex make you sexy?

Never confiding, showing weakness


People liked you all along

But now they don’t know who you are

Have you found yourself?

Or someone else?


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