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So it’s raining – what’s your beef?

It’s raining again today. After a week of sunshine it decides to rain again. I don’t dislike rain; actually if I’m honest I quite like it. I like being outside in it, it makes me feel fresh. Is that weird? Yes, I think I can answer that question myself, it is. The only reason I feel a tad gloomy when I see the rain clouds in the distance is knowing that everyone else’s mood will snap to pissed off as soon as they’re over head. I’m not here talking of storms that destroy buildings and take lives but a bit of British drizzle, the grey showery days that just get everyone down in the dumps.

When I first moved to London and started working in the west end I used to love watching people try and hide from the rain. Maybe I’m cruel but from my reception desk I used to look outside and see the people who push passed you on the tube, tut when your counting your change, all fighting a loosing battle. I’m sorry my impatient friends but you may be able to intimidate in the board room but weather certainly isn’t backing down, no matter how expensive your suit is or how much you can bench press at the gym. People actually run in a hope that it won’t catch them, it will. Seeing women tottering along with disgusted looks on their faces when their designer shoes get splashed by puddles, I’m not ashamed to say does make me giggle. My favourite thing about the weather is that it’s the same for everyone. Everyone from the Queen to your mum gets the same weather. It’s not just reserved for those of us who’ve been naughty; it’s not that someone has it in for you – so why take it so personally? Why let it ruin your day?

I hate umbrellas. I’m happy to say I don’t own one. They make me feel claustrophobic and they smell funny, especially when they get wet. Adults have umbrellas. The child in me always remembers being made to stand under one when I all I wanted to do was run about in the rain. Wellie boots on the other hand are much more fun, a little tool to help you maximise puddle splashing and general rainy day fun. Remember being young and how much fun it was to play out in the rain? Football in the rain, a sport for the brave. Coming home to your mum with muddy clothes on and the amazing feeling of a warm bubble bath after a good old run about in the rain. 

I was fortunate enough to be brought up in quite a rural place. A place with endless trees to be climbed and woods to go and have an adventure in. I really love being outside, I often go for a walk or a jog just so I can find a bit of grass and some trees. Our country is known for this, known for its beautiful country side, all green and growing. This, I think, is of real value and nothing comes for free. You don’t get a million sunny days and have the nature we do. So just lighten up will you? I like grass and it won’t grow if it doesn’t rain. Without grass how will we get that freshly cut grass smell after your dad’s been at the garden with the lawn mower?

So next time it’s raining just remember we need it. I know it sounds obvious but it makes things grow. It’s the world having a bath or giving itself a drink. Yeah it might slow you down on the way to work or mess up you hair but in the grand scheme of things does it really matter? As a nation we are so consumed with our own individual lives that sometimes we forget to take a step back and just slow down. It’s a nice little reminder that we’re not in control of everything.

This is my argument for rain, spitting, a bit of drizzle, when it’s chucking it down, raining cats and dogs, a shower – if we hate it so much why do we have so many names for it? Gosh.

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