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The Twenty Something Project

In your childhood and teenage years you travel alongside your peers generally at the same rate, unless you have exceptional circumstances you will take exams, leave school and start your first relationships at roughly the same time as the people around you. Most of us have a friend or a group of friends we have known since we were very small, people who we’ve travelled the course of puberty with, shared dreams, ambitions and tackled all the challenges adolescence throws at you. But suddenly in your twenties all that changes. The guy who was top of your class is all of a sudden making 10 times the salary you are, people get married and have children before some have even finished their university or college courses. Others jet off around the world travelling and return unrecognisable from the awkward teen you used to have piano lessons with. In your twenties a lot of us define our career path and the lucky ones meet or make commitments to the people they will share, or hope to share, the rest of their lives with. As a child you expect that by your twenties you will be a fully bonafied adult, that you will have it all sorted, but that is rarely the case.

The twenty something project is an opportunity for me to explore the different paths a cross section of young people have taken since entering their twenties. I will examine how success is measured for each individual and how this effects their priorities and goals. Over the next year I will interview 10 people, of each year in their twenties (20 – 29). I hope to meet a diverse range of people in a bid to see if their twenties have been what they expected them to be.

If you know anybody who might in interested in being an interviewee or if you are yourself, please send me an email with a brief description of your location and life circumstances:


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