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Will you be my best friend? Do you remember being a kid and asking someone that question? Or having someone ask you? The thing I love the most about childhood is the lack of pride and just complete honesty. It’s true that kids tell the truth, if you’re on the bus and the child next to you asks their mum why that lady has a big bum, then I’m sorry folks but it probably means you’ve got a big bum. As to why, the child will never know as their parent full of Britishness and manners will never divulge that it’s probably because you’ve eaten too many pies. When I was younger I only ever really had one best friend which is pretty lucky as I was of quite a nervous disposition as a child and wouldn’t have been able to stand the break-ups and tension of changing that one important person in your life. It’s incredible that even from that young age we try to find someone to be close to. Childhood shows friendship probably in its most honest form. Sometimes kids can be really cruel but kids don’t care they just go with what they feel. They don’t spend time reasoning their relationships they just go with what they want and feels right.

I remember being in infant school and kissing one of my friend’s boyfriends and then telling her that it was ok because we were playing a game of kiss chase and those were the rules – what a bitch! I still can’t to this day believe that I did that. But it was honest I wanted to kiss him, so I did. Why can’t adult life be like that? Without conscious or consequence just honestly feeling something and doing it. I suppose some people are like that, but they hurt people. There’s the problem, we begin to think about everyone else, and impulses is pushed to one side. But I’m starting to question whether that makes them a bad person or simply someone who knows what they want and completely goes for it. Ultimately will they be the ones who are happiest and better off in the end?

I think love makes you feel a lot like you are young. It gives you this false confidence and I don’t know about anyone else but when you feel it you kind of just want to say it all the time. It makes you ask people you may barely know if they will be a permanent fixture in your life, just because being around them makes you feel good. It’s all about chemicals. You can meet someone in a club one night and be texting for days just off the back of one meeting. It’s madness really.

Some children were walking out of school as I was walking into work the other day. All holding hands, two by two. Remember that? On the way to the library or summit like that. But isn’t this what we do as adults, only we find it harder to find the right person to hold hands with and the cue is not as orderly. Some people wishing they were holding hands with someone who was with someone else the other end of the cue. Or being the two people who were left over and making a new friend that day. As adults we might not hold hand straight away, we might say we don’t want to or we’re not ready to hold hands. But aren’t we all just looking for that person, who holding your hand on the way to the library makes you feel that certain way holding anyone else’s hand in the class just wouldn’t?

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