My Eyes are wide open
Opinions intelligently spoken
Bright lights
City sights

Egar bustle of the crowd,
Diversity is loud,
Vibrant passion
Diverse fashion

This culture is my future,
Fits like surgical suture,
Free young,
Life begun

So alive
I’ve been waiting so long to arrive


How could you?

You’ve become like the London you never thought you would,
So low, empty, like those you never understood,
Empty, a broken shell, your going through hell

Your different from how you were before,
Your body is strange, you are dirty to the core,
City living, is it your soul your giving?

You do as you see others do,
Cold, fierce reality, no fairytales have come true,
Fast, harsh shallow – you’ve lost your glow

You scrub and wash but the London smoke never comes out,
So many people but your alone however loud you shout,
Piccadilly light, no longer bright,

Am I different now ?

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