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Picking up the Phone

old TelephoneI’m going to come out and say it (deep breath) ….  sometimes I find it awkward to be on the phone, even to people I’ve know all my life. Phew, there I’ve done it, feels good to get that off my chest.

And even though this is something that is true I know it’s not right that I feel this way. It seems crazy for a person, like myself, who spends the majority of her working day on the phone. If I haven’t spoken to some in ages, I will always text to see if they are free before I ring, just in case they don’t want me to intrude into their real life. Because that’s what texting and emailing isn’t, an intrusion. The recipient can decide exactly when they respond to it if at all. They are in the power seat, but if you ring and your number isn’t recognised BAM! You’re there in their real time being a part of their day.

I read a book recently called “A visit from the Goon Squad” by Jessica Egan, it touched upon the restrictions we’re placing on ourselves with our obsession of modern technology. The final chapter is in the future, in a world where people don’t talk to each other in person. They use a console, which is basically an advanced version of the smart phone. People stand opposite each other and text rather than speak. When meeting a potential romantic interest it is important to not look them directly in the eye or talk to them directly until after the courtship has moved onto the next level.

But why call when you can, email, text, what’s app, tweet or facebook someone? There are many ways to get in contact these days, society seems to be developing unwritten rules about which form is the most acceptable way to contact someone in different situations. For example finishing a relationship via twitter would be an awful faux par and calling in sick to work via facebook wouldn’t win you any points at the work place. However ringing someone who you don’t know very well in there social time might seem a bit intrusive. It’s a difficult game to play and you don’t know all the rules and you run the risk of upsetting someone. I think this might be why at times I shy away from picking up my phone, after all don’t we all just want to be liked? Unsure whether we’re coming across too keen or not friendly enough.

When someone calls me, especially if it’s someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time, I feel really special. Its always nice to feel as though someone has got time for you, stopping doing whatever they are doing just to call and see how you are. Remember being a kid and going to knock for your friends? You didn’t even have to let them know you were coming ahead of time. Now if your sitting at home and there is a knock at the door and your not expecting someone the occupants of the house will turn to each other and say “Are we expecting someone?” reluctant to answer the door to an unknown entity.

But I might run the risk, make a few calls to people I don’t see often enough, maybe I’ll ring their house phone … Group-textingok maybe I won’t go that far!



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