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The Womanhood Project – The Beginning!

altAkIwFtAFxgh4C0xOQaddq_6ToRn5GUIK1R5Y-ZtSyCvqThe Woman Project began filming last weekend and I’m really excited to tell you about it

The Idea:

In the modern world the definition of what it means to be a women is constantly changing. We are a gender that only a century ago wasn’t allowed to vote and had to fight to be seen and treated as equals.

Now in this country there are laws to protect women,  we are equal in many ways but then why are women still sexualised and still perceived as the weaker of the sexes? There are still disparities in the workplace, in our homes and in our media.

But it feels like people are beginning to talk about it. Feminists online are writing, protesting and conversing over a variety of issues and from a variety of perspectives. But what of the people on the ground? How do we feel about perceptions of womanhood? Are we frustrated or happy as we are? Let’s start asking questions

The plan:

To make 5 x 5 minute web docs

The Topics:

–          Body Image: Whether we admit it or not most of us care about the way we look, but how do we really feel about the conventions placed upon women by magazines & celebrity culture?

–          Work: Does the ‘glass ceiling’ really exists? And what does that mean for people who are just trying to get on the ladder or balance childcare & a career?

–          Age: As a society we are obsessed with youth and young women are often the centre of this fascination. But what of older women, are they represented fairly in our society?

–          The Weaker Sex: Why are women still seen as the weaker sex? Is it to do with physical strength and does it affect our ability to succeed?

–          Men: How does an equal society effect the role of ‘the man’. If what it means to be a woman is changing does what it means to be a man change to? Let’s here form the lads.

I’m really interested in hearing from anyone who has strong opinions or experiences with any of these topics – please get in touch or leave a comment for me on twitter @charliebrades



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